The Galette de Rois is a traditional French cake made for the Epiphany on January 6 (The Epiphany is the manifestation of Jesus to the Magi. Feast of the Church which recalls this event.). On this day, three magi, in France they are called three wise men, from where the name of the cake, Balthazar, Melchior and Gaspard brought gifts to the little Jesus, gold, incense and myrrh. The classic version of this cake is made of frangipane (mixture of pastry cream and almond) and puff pastry.

There is no such tradition in Belarus, and no one knows it. I tried to make this pancake at home and tell my family about it! I’m happy with the result, not perfect of course, but it’s a homemade oven and manual rolling, especially at the start! My family loved it.


As I thought, there was not a single day without me being in the kitchen: a delicate blueberry-lemon marshmallow and perfect incredibly tasty raspberry-pistachio tartlets as a gift to my loved ones, a mousse chocolate cake for the birthday of my brother and a real tropical mille feuilles for my father’s birthday, a huge cake, for a big family, apple-cinnamon-vanilla for New Year’s Day, so that everyone has two parts and, of course, macaroons.

And daily guests. I even made cinnamon rolls the last day before leaving, at the request of my sister! So much to accomplish that I just didn’t have time to pick up the phone and take pictures, that’s all that happened…

But, how nice it is to be at home, how quickly time has gone by, I have missed my parents and my animals so much.

Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful and magical vacation – Happy New Year! May all your wishes be granted!

12/13/2019 or the best Friday 13, Christmas party

A little Christmas vacation for all students! A Master class by four of our chefs who gave us a breathtaking demonstration, followed by a tasting of our own Yule Log and the desserts made by them were waiting for us! Over 100 people from all courses … Arrive early and reserve the best spot in the front row – that’s it!

I am simply filled with gratitude to our chefs, they are wonderful, kind, open … I never cease to admire their simplicity … They gave positive emotions, so many smiles; everything was in a very relaxed atmosphere. And I still had the opportunity (which I simply could not refuse) to help the chefs during the Master class! I love them with all my heart, thank you!!


It is my last week before a short vacation. A new very strict and serious chef … 2 exams … and everything went very well! Everything did not work perfectly, but almost. I am very pleased and delighted to finally be able to breathe because I have little strength left and a break is absolutely necessary to me.

This is confectionery week: marmalade, different types of marshmallows, gelatin candies 100% fruit puree, passion fruit caramel and raspberries. Hmm! It’s not my cup of tea because everything is too sweet for my taste but it’s incredibly interesting! Maybe it’s just a glut of sugar at the end of the year? Oh! And I do not count the number of desserts I have tried, but for the slightest texture I am now able to distinguish it and become a fine mouth!

Now I’m going home and I’m going to cook again every day with my favorite oven and my native instruments. Cooking for my loved ones and seeing their smile will be a real pleasure, I live it…

Thank you to everyone who made me what I am now … This year has changed me a lot. Who knows what will happen next … but I’m sure a lot of great things are yet to come! I am madly in love with this life!


Modern and complicated techniques, brilliant and unusual combinations of tastes such as mandarin and chestnut, Piña Colada, etc., fast but well-coordinated work, different types of decor and many, many little things … everything is there! Traditional Christmas Dessert Week in France – La Bûche de Noël

There was a lot of work, our desserts will be presented at a small party or gifts from the school will be offered to us, which added a lot of responsibility … but, how cool, it was nice to work and everything went perfectly! A weekend with a smile.


A week in the blink of an eye, fairly simple desserts – different types of cookies, muffins… however if you take into account all the details and technology, it’s a little more complicated… but it turns out simply exquisite and very tasty!

Homemade cake with soft, moistened lemon, ENSP brand “smiles” cookies, delicate and incredibly succulent French financier, fine and sophisticated pasta, Florentines, gourmet chocolate cake (it’s hard to call it a cupcake) with nuts and an incredibly lightweight and wet texture… and these are just a few of the 22 creations we made this week!

Today, I have better understood how valuable the textures are,how they completely affect the taste and perception of dessert! This week has been incredibly interesting.


The highlight of this week was my visit to the Cité du Chocolat, the Valrhona Company…

A complete study of chocolate that starts with the plantations and fermentation of cocoa beans, and ends with chocolate tasting courses (which is equivalent to wine) with natural notes of raspberry / cinnamon / currant, etc., the secret: the right combination of ingredients in the recipes.

Valrhona chocolate is recognized as the best French chocolate and chefs from around the world are working on it! Personally, I am very impressed! It’s something beyond chocolate, an incredible taste! We have tasted it so much; it seems to me for six months I will not even be able to look at it.

Regardless of this magnificent experience, we had the opportunity to visit the city a bit … and the weather was just beautiful!


Very, very, very interesting week!

Many different types of bread, my first baguettes, crunchy croissants, pain au chocolat, round and tender bread rolls, a brioche that melts in your mouth… It’s a completely different world; there are so many questions that I’m silent and listened carefully to every word of our wonderful Chef.

This week, I was also head of staff, and despite the “double” work, I really rested mentally, alone with my thoughts…

I love and respect bread a lot, for me it’s more than baking … Let’s remember forever his story, the war… And how I miss the rye bread! The taste of my house…


This Week is not only delicious but very interesting and informative.

Many desserts are over 200 years old! The recipes are transmitted from generation to generation and are now considered the “strong point” of each French region. Basque Cake, Nantais Cake, Breton Cake and Far Breton, Alsacienne Pie, Tropézienne Brioche, Kougelhopf, Cannelés, Strudel … and that’s not all!

It is interesting to note that a few centuries ago, there were no refrigerators, and most of these recipes were made with lots of butter, sugar and alcohol – for preservation, of course.

Well, Strudel is my favorite since my childhood! An incredibly interesting cooking technique, a crisp and refined pastry (it is so fine when cooking that it is possible to read through a book) and a lot of ingredients… Warm with ice cream…

Postscript: Valeryia received, during its exams last week, the highest student rating of 91 points out of 100. (Olga, blog manager)


A week when everything was mixed: make rum babas, a wonderful chocolate party brioche, éclairs, the classic “Moka” coffee cake and small tarts … everything was perfect and quite easy to compare to other weeks except that an exam was waiting for us at the end of the week! Of course, this preparation of 3 desserts was not without excitement: a Vanilla soufflé, a Black Forest cake and a Snickers pie … and many chocolate decorations! The hardest thing now is to wait for the results!