With the permission of the author of this blog, I am writing this short comment in connection with an exceptional event, Valeryia has received her official academic transcript with the results of her studies, and it is difficult not to react.

Look at this document, and you will see that it is not only a passion for her profession but also a huge talent and hard work on a daily basis that have enabled Valeryia to achieve such results.

We are happy for you and confident in your successful future, we have no doubt. You will deserve it by your dedication, your hard work and your ability to reach the goal you set for yourself, whatever the problems and circumstances.

Well done, Valeryia!!

A person who is always by your side during your education and your internship


I am currently doing an internship and work in a bakery / pastry shop / tea room “La Chanterelle” of Mr. Marcon.

Régis Marcon, one of the most famous chefs in the world, has written many books, MOF, president of the international association “Bocuse d’Or”, a brilliant and unique person … Every day, he is full of new ideas, work, writes new books and creates new dishes. The Maisons Marcon are a pastry shop, hotels, bistro and Régis & Jacques Marcon restaurant (Jacques Marcon – son) with 3 Michelin stars! All this is located in the small village of Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid. I strongly advise you to read more about this place and these people; I promise you that you will not regret the time spent!


During this period in France, it is very difficult … and of course, it is obvious that catering is one of the most affected activities…

But! Our wonderful chefs, simple and sociable people, who always remain positive, decided to offer a gift and to thank all the medical workers for their work! Yesterday we sent over 600 huge cookies and 800 rolls of chocolate to the nearest hospital, completely free! So, it is job with love!

And this is absolutely not the last time!

No matter the difficulty, the pastry chefs and bakers work for you; we fill this world with pleasant and tasty moments! So it’s working with love.

P.-S. Kindness and cakes save this world!


It is time to stop and look around … It is now a very difficult time when you do not need to overestimate or underestimate the situation in the world. Now all restaurants are closed in France, it is forbidden to move in the cities, but the pastries and bakeries work, and I am no exception to this rule. I am happy that in this difficult period, I can bring a drop of joy to everyone … as dessert. After all, happiness is in the details …

Many people are forced into quarantine. I think the biggest thing we can do is to think first of ourselves, the people who surround us, and to take care of our and their health. And if it was an opportunity to spend more time with loved ones, to start playing sports, to learn or simply to fulfill a desire for which time was always lacking?

In the photo there are dark chocolate truffles with a rose that I made for my family before going back to France … Imagine: a thin layer of crisp chocolate, then a delicate ganache …


My first year of training is over and now I’m on vacation!

Despite a difficult last week at the ENSP (National School of Pastry), we had to pass all the exams and in addition move … I did not want to leave, I miss my chefs who have become our family. And now I have no regrets about my choice for these 3 years…

By the way, the results of the exams will only be known after 5 weeks and I will tell you about them.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but now I have an internship that will end late August … I’m worried! But today it is not current, and for now, I am enjoying my days with my loved ones. And, of course, I don’t leave my beloved and native cuisine. A kind of additional work, I revisit my favorite desserts with something completely new and absolutely fantastic in my head.

I hope you had an interest in following me during my first year in the “dream school” and living with me important and less important moments of my life! Thank you all.


Quite hard week, fast pace, lots of coordinated work! A week of “winter” foaming cakes: Chocolate-caramel brownie, pineapple-caramel, apple-nut, chocolate-coffee, bitter chocolate with Yuzu flavor … Up to 6 separate textures, different types of assembly and decoration are combined into one cake …

A busy and very interesting week! Thank you to our wonderful chef for a perfectly organized work, the most precious knowledge and advice, the desserts are wonderful, everyone will find something special for themselves, and in winter, you should especially be pampered.

Have a good day

* Final course which is served after the main meal (pudding, pie, etc.)


This is the first week we’ve worked entirely with chocolate, a lot, sometimes too much chocolate. Toppings with different textures, different forms and methods of making candies, sugared almonds … and even a little drawing and the FIRST small chocolate sculptures : acorn “hazelnut gianduja”* and Œuf mendiant. There are many new techniques, surprising and very interesting!!! But as always, of course, training and we start again!

* The gianduja is a paste of chocolate and finely crushed hazelnuts to which we can add other nuts also crushed, as well as icing sugar and fat.


“Repetition is the mother of learning”, or how important it is to learn to properly shape the baguettes and bread (each time It’s better), you understand! And why we do all these many stages in preparing bread, to understand its essence, to examine the different options for puff pastry and, of course, try everything! This was the subject of this week. Almost nothing new, but it is absolutely not the main thing.


We had a short vacation and immediately went to work, but it’s so nice – a week of ice cream!!! Oh, I won’t say it’s easy, but what a delicious week it was, beyond words.

Delicious fruits… and healthy! Sorbets, vanilla ice cream with vanilla seeds, chocolate with the best French chocolate … water ice cream, cakes, verrines (glass cups)…

But in fact, you need to have a good understanding of the chemistry of the ingredients and the physics of the processes to make a really tasty ice cream with good texture. It’s complicated, but so interesting!


The Galette de Rois is a traditional French cake made for the Epiphany on January 6 (The Epiphany is the manifestation of Jesus to the Magi. Feast of the Church which recalls this event.). On this day, three magi, in France they are called three wise men, from where the name of the cake, Balthazar, Melchior and Gaspard brought gifts to the little Jesus, gold, incense and myrrh. The classic version of this cake is made of frangipane (mixture of pastry cream and almond) and puff pastry.

There is no such tradition in Belarus, and no one knows it. I tried to make this pancake at home and tell my family about it! I’m happy with the result, not perfect of course, but it’s a homemade oven and manual rolling, especially at the start! My family loved it.


As I thought, there was not a single day without me being in the kitchen: a delicate blueberry-lemon marshmallow and perfect incredibly tasty raspberry-pistachio tartlets as a gift to my loved ones, a mousse chocolate cake for the birthday of my brother and a real tropical mille feuilles for my father’s birthday, a huge cake, for a big family, apple-cinnamon-vanilla for New Year’s Day, so that everyone has two parts and, of course, macaroons.

And daily guests. I even made cinnamon rolls the last day before leaving, at the request of my sister! So much to accomplish that I just didn’t have time to pick up the phone and take pictures, that’s all that happened…

But, how nice it is to be at home, how quickly time has gone by, I have missed my parents and my animals so much.

Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful and magical vacation – Happy New Year! May all your wishes be granted!