Autumn🍂 … sometimes, when it’s cloudy and rainy, you want to go back to summer: to bright colors, sun and ripe berries …
And it is really possible to return summer for a moment! At least, you can feel it on the tip of your tongue …

Strawberry-lemon; Cherry-almond; chocolate-caramel…
Despite the complex decor and delicate composition, these mousse cakes will bring smiles and good mood to your day!

Today – chocolate sweets

No matter the season! I think there’s always time for origine chocolate, good quality chocolate in our life!
Today – chocolate sweets. And also my chocolate sculpture – a display stand for my sweets. 100% chocolate, 100% handmade!
And imagine: all these beautiful bright colors are natural !!!!
Look at the textures – smooth, glossy, mouthwatering!!! And a very thin layer of chocolate is just like the final chord.

Caramel, berry filling, chocolate ganache, lemon, combination of tastes…how immense the pastry world! Everyone has some favorite tastes, but pastry chefs always try to find new textures, new flavors to give people something incredibly amazing, delicious!

Don’t be afraid of trying something new! And it’s not only about pastry…

16 October – Happy World Bread Day!

The process of creating a loaf is like meditation… the smell of baking is so cosy , so charming, so mouthwatering!
Everyone has the favorite one…
Bread is one of life’s greatest pleasures…and at the same time bread is a cultural part of every country…
Bread has its own history 🙌🏼

Happy birthday, Bread ❤️

Gâteaux de voyage ( or Travel cakes)

So the second year at Ducasse High School has begun. The situation in the world, of course, affect our school, now there are a lot of changes, but the main thing hasn’t changed – the quality of knowledge, a serious rhythm of work and the best chefs! 

The first week and the theme is Gâteaux de voyage= Travel cakes. Covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate, a soft chocolate cake-brownie or poppy seed cake with cherries and milk chocolate ganache can be stored without refrigerator for a whole week. Unless, of course, you can not eat it right away;) Well, in general, I wanted to tell you that sometimes it’s just better not to complicate things … Everywhere … even in cooking and pastry: one simple cake with a nice texture and great flavor can be 10 times more delicate than super-new complex mousse cake with the very expensive ingredients…

The simplest things can become something absolutely luxurious !


My friends, on this day, I wish to share with you some very pleasant news for me…

Recently, a new book “Vegetables” was published, RĂ©gis Marcon is the author. Chef of a 3 Michelin star restaurant, president of the Bocuse d’Or association and a person of importance, I had the chance to meet him, to communicate a lot and even to work with him. This restaurant chef, where all the best quality vegetables and fruits come only from a private garden, is attentive to everything. And importantly, it’s a book with my personal recipe.

Yes, Yes! And it’s not a dessert… but borscht!

It’s a long and interesting story of how he got here. But let’s be brief, after the quarantine, in April, I had prepared it for the chef’s family (for dinner because the French only eat soup in the evening) and everyone liked it so much that a week later I was preparing him again… but for his new book!

Needless to say how happy I was to hear this from such a famous chef. How proud and how happy it was for me and how impatiently I waited for the release of this book for which I participated in its creation (some desserts and dishes were also made with my participation).

In addition, the chef gave me the first printed book, well before its release, with his autograph and a little letter for me. It is a truly priceless present…

But… to be honest, I was surprised at the recipe which was slightly modified “à la française”, so it’s not 100% mine. In this beautiful accompanying photo it’s totally my job, with garlic buns in the background. It is true that I transmitted the essential. Well to be honest I must say that this is not my recipe… but the recipe of my lovely mom, who taught me everything! Without her, none of this would have happened…

The book is incredibly beautiful and infinitely useful! Made with soul by a team of professionals, the many recipes are simple and many are of the level of a 3 star restaurant, a perfect atmosphere.

In this book, it’s not just theory and vegetable-based recipes… In this book it is love and respect for nature, and for each ingredient the intimate story of a person and a piece of his soul.

Well tomorrow another storytelling begins; I’m back at Ducasse School!


I was out of my life for several weeks, but for some reason…

Since March, I have been working at the Chanterelle bakery, pastry shop and tea room which is part of Maison Marcon. During all this time, I had dreamed of discovering, in a certain way, the world of the main 3 Michelin star restaurant RĂ©gis & Jacques Marcon. Places are reserved at least 6 months in advance, and the bill often reaches 2,000 euros per evening … Fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables directly from the Marcon garden, a combination of wild plants and mushrooms, a molecular cuisine and ingredients I haven’t even heard of … dreaming …

And to this day I had an amazing opportunity (which I couldn’t miss) to work here for 2 weeks … I was very worried: a huge kitchen, many different chefs and a little bit of myself, with none experience of working in such places.

But to say that I am delighted with these weeks is to say nothing.

Already on the very first day I was tasked with helping to complete and provide the service (it’s 2 times a day: lunch and dinner), because the chef said I could be trusted?

At first I did the simpler things, I quickly got back to work and mastered cooking on the go, and by the end of the week I had already given fully ready “plates” to the job from scratch! All you see in the photo is my work.

Of course, the pace is very fast and the management of the week is generally very, very difficult. Work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., then from 6.30 p.m. to 1 a.m. and those 5 days a week! There is hardly any strength left for everyday life.

But I won’t say it’s harder in a restaurant than in a pastry shop, no! I just realized that these are two completely different professions…

But this atmosphere, which is really a “team spirit”, with intense moments of service and understanding for customers who have waited for more than six months to test what you are doing in the moment … it’s is magical, unforgettable. I learned a lot from these two weeks, and I rethought my work with new ideas.

I didn’t want to go back at all … at all … to baking, because now I need a lot more thinking but I’ll probably write about this next time.

Now let’s quote a few of our desserts:

Millefeuille Raspberry-Meum Athamanticum


Soufflé Verbena-peach

Cherry-chocolate-sweet woodruff

Baba Strawberry-lemon balm-rhubarb


A week ago, the three-star Chef RĂ©gis Marcon unexpectedly asked the head of the laboratory to take me for two hours as an assistant to participate in a video, not for making pastry, but for a culinary recipe! Yes, you will see for yourself! Overall, it was incredibly cool and a source of great pride for me!


Since May, we have been working at a serious pace … very serious and we are working a lot.

We don’t have a moment to take a photo (it’s strictly forbidden to use phones) and sometimes you can barely find the time to take a sip of water…

Therefore, today I will describe one of my studies.

It was at the beginning of May, I stayed after work, inspired by the new idea of ​​a crispy puff pastry (in Italy, this pastry is called sfogliatelle and it has the cone shape cut into strips, evoking the shape a shell).

After long researches of a suitable recipe, and this from various sources, I made classic sfogliatelles with a very delicate garnish based on vanilla ricotta! It was something! The layers were the thinnest of each other… Absolutely no one around me was indifferent to my try because the dough was incredibly thin and so crisp! But, of course, far from my first attempt…

Then my experiences started…

Almost the same dough as a working base, but I made a flower-shaped tart… Filling: frangipane with pistachio cream in the oven without butter and candied raspberries…

It was simply incredibly delicious! Everyone in the kitchen was delighted and I myself am very happy with the results, because I have never seen anything like it!

Here is my little story


Today is the time to finally show you my first chocolate sculpture. Totally independent work! It was a few weeks of hard toil after a day of work.

It is an incredible and unique opportunity that the Marcon house offers you, to train and create, after working in the laboratory. The main thing is to have desire and hands, as it is said.

Sure, there are small flaws, there were a few mistakes, but, in the end, I’m proud of myself, and that rarely happens to me. The chef congratulated me a lot. Of course, training and always training….

But, to tell you the truth, chocolate is not my element. No, it’s even going very well and I really like to improve in this area, but I don’t have much fun with the process…

Desserts, textures, uses and taste, presentation – that’s what interests me the most right now! But nobody knows what will happen in a year … everything can change.


04/15/2001 – A chubby little girl was born, but as it turned out later – future judoka and pastry chef.

This day is always special, but this year it is very unusual … For the first time, I am not at home, but alone in France, and in an extremely difficult period … It seems that not a year has passed, but five, because so much has happened.

And you know it was absolutely the best day, day that I will remember all my life! My family and friends were there, all day to comfort me, and I cried to know how lucky I was in this life and how happy I am.

And also to hear from the morning the words of congratulations from Chef RĂ©gis Marcon and the words of admiration for the pasta I made the day before – it was worth it!

Such moments give a huge burst of energy to move forward, and always remember that life is good, it is enough to be patient a little, even if sometimes it’s really hard… And today, I’m really happy … very happy.