• Мои мысли

I am inquisitive and enthusiastic, I follow the principle of accuracy in everything that surrounds me, regardless of the subject I have chosen. I remember the forms, colors, smells, sensations, all the feelings and all that gives me the opportunity to combine and remember my impressions. I think that learning is important in moving forward, and moving is always necessary. My goal is to evoke emotions in my future works, both small and deep, memorable.

Of course, continuity in knowledge is necessary and very important, and I will do everything to learn from the talented great chefs of the Ducasse school, here I am in good hands.

  • My goal in these three years

To learn consistency, accuracy, coupled with professionalism and innovative technologies, to find internships that will be full of difficulties, magic, and teaching new technological methods based on the tastes, subtleties of the products used, their originality and aromas.

I want the refinement and polishing of all the skills that I will receive to enable me to achieve a feeling of comfort, confidence and the possibility of interaction in working with other team members, whether it is study or work.

  • My goals after undergraduate

Find a job in France, where the patisserie chef can become a real mentor to me – a person who can give advice in the name of success, while leaving room for failures. I hope to have such an exceptional relationship, where, as you know, “the master’s lessons are equally valuable, like the student’s desire to learn them,” and which will be fully respected by me. Taking this as a basis, I feel like staying as long as possible on the path of cognition, absorbing every drop of knowledge, because for professional growth I must learn to accept new challenges, even if for this I will need to restructure my own perspectives.

  • My ambition

The exactingness and fame of haute cuisine inspire me to dream one day to become worthy of this level of sophistication in cooking.