About me

My interest in cooking broke out when I was only six years old. It always comforted me and helped me even in the most difficult moments. When I started, I refused to use recipes, always trying to create the best things with the ingredients I could find. Not only my family, but my friends had confidence in my ability to make cakes and, thanks to that, I always knew how to make people happy. “The good pastry is the memory”, this sentence I feel it intensely for each pastry I make. I cannot say how much my mother and father worked so hard to take me so far; they supported me in studies and in sports at a high level.

At first, I was intimidated to have to go away from home but very quickly I understood that a Bachelor of French Pastry at DUCASSE Education was my goal and my reality. Now, thanks to the support and the emotions I’ve overcome, I’m finally a freshman in pastry. I have always been involved in creation and learning. My interests have always been in creation and apprenticeship and for that I worked in Minsk in Belarus in a pastry shop for several months.

This Bachelor will allow me to acquire in three years all the technical know-how and managerial skills to become pastry chef in brigade or laboratory and later, after years of experience, a pastry-entrepreneur.