Gâteaux de voyage ( or Travel cakes)

by admin

So the second year at Ducasse High School has begun. The situation in the world, of course, affect our school, now there are a lot of changes, but the main thing hasn’t changed – the quality of knowledge, a serious rhythm of work and the best chefs! 

The first week and the theme is Gâteaux de voyage= Travel cakes. Covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate, a soft chocolate cake-brownie or poppy seed cake with cherries and milk chocolate ganache can be stored without refrigerator for a whole week. Unless, of course, you can not eat it right away;) Well, in general, I wanted to tell you that sometimes it’s just better not to complicate things … Everywhere … even in cooking and pastry: one simple cake with a nice texture and great flavor can be 10 times more delicate than super-new complex mousse cake with the very expensive ingredients…

The simplest things can become something absolutely luxurious !