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My friends, on this day, I wish to share with you some very pleasant news for me…

Recently, a new book “Vegetables” was published, Régis Marcon is the author. Chef of a 3 Michelin star restaurant, president of the Bocuse d’Or association and a person of importance, I had the chance to meet him, to communicate a lot and even to work with him. This restaurant chef, where all the best quality vegetables and fruits come only from a private garden, is attentive to everything. And importantly, it’s a book with my personal recipe.

Yes, Yes! And it’s not a dessert… but borscht!

It’s a long and interesting story of how he got here. But let’s be brief, after the quarantine, in April, I had prepared it for the chef’s family (for dinner because the French only eat soup in the evening) and everyone liked it so much that a week later I was preparing him again… but for his new book!

Needless to say how happy I was to hear this from such a famous chef. How proud and how happy it was for me and how impatiently I waited for the release of this book for which I participated in its creation (some desserts and dishes were also made with my participation).

In addition, the chef gave me the first printed book, well before its release, with his autograph and a little letter for me. It is a truly priceless present…

But… to be honest, I was surprised at the recipe which was slightly modified “à la française”, so it’s not 100% mine. In this beautiful accompanying photo it’s totally my job, with garlic buns in the background. It is true that I transmitted the essential. Well to be honest I must say that this is not my recipe… but the recipe of my lovely mom, who taught me everything! Without her, none of this would have happened…

The book is incredibly beautiful and infinitely useful! Made with soul by a team of professionals, the many recipes are simple and many are of the level of a 3 star restaurant, a perfect atmosphere.

In this book, it’s not just theory and vegetable-based recipes… In this book it is love and respect for nature, and for each ingredient the intimate story of a person and a piece of his soul.

Well tomorrow another storytelling begins; I’m back at Ducasse School!