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I was out of my life for several weeks, but for some reason…

Since March, I have been working at the Chanterelle bakery, pastry shop and tea room which is part of Maison Marcon. During all this time, I had dreamed of discovering, in a certain way, the world of the main 3 Michelin star restaurant Régis & Jacques Marcon. Places are reserved at least 6 months in advance, and the bill often reaches 2,000 euros per evening … Fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables directly from the Marcon garden, a combination of wild plants and mushrooms, a molecular cuisine and ingredients I haven’t even heard of … dreaming …

And to this day I had an amazing opportunity (which I couldn’t miss) to work here for 2 weeks … I was very worried: a huge kitchen, many different chefs and a little bit of myself, with none experience of working in such places.

But to say that I am delighted with these weeks is to say nothing.

Already on the very first day I was tasked with helping to complete and provide the service (it’s 2 times a day: lunch and dinner), because the chef said I could be trusted?

At first I did the simpler things, I quickly got back to work and mastered cooking on the go, and by the end of the week I had already given fully ready “plates” to the job from scratch! All you see in the photo is my work.

Of course, the pace is very fast and the management of the week is generally very, very difficult. Work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., then from 6.30 p.m. to 1 a.m. and those 5 days a week! There is hardly any strength left for everyday life.

But I won’t say it’s harder in a restaurant than in a pastry shop, no! I just realized that these are two completely different professions…

But this atmosphere, which is really a “team spirit”, with intense moments of service and understanding for customers who have waited for more than six months to test what you are doing in the moment … it’s is magical, unforgettable. I learned a lot from these two weeks, and I rethought my work with new ideas.

I didn’t want to go back at all … at all … to baking, because now I need a lot more thinking but I’ll probably write about this next time.

Now let’s quote a few of our desserts:

Millefeuille Raspberry-Meum Athamanticum


Soufflé Verbena-peach

Cherry-chocolate-sweet woodruff

Baba Strawberry-lemon balm-rhubarb