by admin

Today is the time to finally show you my first chocolate sculpture. Totally independent work! It was a few weeks of hard toil after a day of work.

It is an incredible and unique opportunity that the Marcon house offers you, to train and create, after working in the laboratory. The main thing is to have desire and hands, as it is said.

Sure, there are small flaws, there were a few mistakes, but, in the end, I’m proud of myself, and that rarely happens to me. The chef congratulated me a lot. Of course, training and always training….

But, to tell you the truth, chocolate is not my element. No, it’s even going very well and I really like to improve in this area, but I don’t have much fun with the process…

Desserts, textures, uses and taste, presentation – that’s what interests me the most right now! But nobody knows what will happen in a year … everything can change.