04/15/2001 – A chubby little girl was born, but as it turned out later – future judoka and pastry chef.

This day is always special, but this year it is very unusual … For the first time, I am not at home, but alone in France, and in an extremely difficult period … It seems that not a year has passed, but five, because so much has happened.

And you know it was absolutely the best day, day that I will remember all my life! My family and friends were there, all day to comfort me, and I cried to know how lucky I was in this life and how happy I am.

And also to hear from the morning the words of congratulations from Chef Régis Marcon and the words of admiration for the pasta I made the day before – it was worth it!

Such moments give a huge burst of energy to move forward, and always remember that life is good, it is enough to be patient a little, even if sometimes it’s really hard… And today, I’m really happy … very happy.