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I am currently doing an internship and work in a bakery / pastry shop / tea room “La Chanterelle” of Mr. Marcon.

Régis Marcon, one of the most famous chefs in the world, has written many books, MOF, president of the international association “Bocuse d’Or”, a brilliant and unique person … Every day, he is full of new ideas, work, writes new books and creates new dishes. The Maisons Marcon are a pastry shop, hotels, bistro and Régis & Jacques Marcon restaurant (Jacques Marcon – son) with 3 Michelin stars! All this is located in the small village of Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid. I strongly advise you to read more about this place and these people; I promise you that you will not regret the time spent!


During this period in France, it is very difficult … and of course, it is obvious that catering is one of the most affected activities…

But! Our wonderful chefs, simple and sociable people, who always remain positive, decided to offer a gift and to thank all the medical workers for their work! Yesterday we sent over 600 huge cookies and 800 rolls of chocolate to the nearest hospital, completely free! So, it is job with love!

And this is absolutely not the last time!

No matter the difficulty, the pastry chefs and bakers work for you; we fill this world with pleasant and tasty moments! So it’s working with love.

P.-S. Kindness and cakes save this world!