by admin

My first year of training is over and now I’m on vacation!

Despite a difficult last week at the ENSP (National School of Pastry), we had to pass all the exams and in addition move … I did not want to leave, I miss my chefs who have become our family. And now I have no regrets about my choice for these 3 years…

By the way, the results of the exams will only be known after 5 weeks and I will tell you about them.

I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but now I have an internship that will end late August … I’m worried! But today it is not current, and for now, I am enjoying my days with my loved ones. And, of course, I don’t leave my beloved and native cuisine. A kind of additional work, I revisit my favorite desserts with something completely new and absolutely fantastic in my head.

I hope you had an interest in following me during my first year in the “dream school” and living with me important and less important moments of my life! Thank you all.