by admin

As I thought, there was not a single day without me being in the kitchen: a delicate blueberry-lemon marshmallow and perfect incredibly tasty raspberry-pistachio tartlets as a gift to my loved ones, a mousse chocolate cake for the birthday of my brother and a real tropical mille feuilles for my father’s birthday, a huge cake, for a big family, apple-cinnamon-vanilla for New Year’s Day, so that everyone has two parts and, of course, macaroons.

And daily guests. I even made cinnamon rolls the last day before leaving, at the request of my sister! So much to accomplish that I just didn’t have time to pick up the phone and take pictures, that’s all that happened…

But, how nice it is to be at home, how quickly time has gone by, I have missed my parents and my animals so much.

Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful and magical vacation – Happy New Year! May all your wishes be granted!