12/13/2019 or the best Friday 13, Christmas party

A little Christmas vacation for all students! A Master class by four of our chefs who gave us a breathtaking demonstration, followed by a tasting of our own Yule Log and the desserts made by them were waiting for us! Over 100 people from all courses … Arrive early and reserve the best spot in the front row – that’s it!

I am simply filled with gratitude to our chefs, they are wonderful, kind, open … I never cease to admire their simplicity … They gave positive emotions, so many smiles; everything was in a very relaxed atmosphere. And I still had the opportunity (which I simply could not refuse) to help the chefs during the Master class! I love them with all my heart, thank you!!


It is my last week before a short vacation. A new very strict and serious chef … 2 exams … and everything went very well! Everything did not work perfectly, but almost. I am very pleased and delighted to finally be able to breathe because I have little strength left and a break is absolutely necessary to me.

This is confectionery week: marmalade, different types of marshmallows, gelatin candies 100% fruit puree, passion fruit caramel and raspberries. Hmm! It’s not my cup of tea because everything is too sweet for my taste but it’s incredibly interesting! Maybe it’s just a glut of sugar at the end of the year? Oh! And I do not count the number of desserts I have tried, but for the slightest texture I am now able to distinguish it and become a fine mouth!

Now I’m going home and I’m going to cook again every day with my favorite oven and my native instruments. Cooking for my loved ones and seeing their smile will be a real pleasure, I live it…

Thank you to everyone who made me what I am now … This year has changed me a lot. Who knows what will happen next … but I’m sure a lot of great things are yet to come! I am madly in love with this life!